Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tour de France Couch

Welcome once again to the series all about couches. If you need to update yourself on what we've covered so far, help yourself to a dose of the intro here.

Maybe it's just me... but i think this couch is awesome. No, I would never own it. Although awesome, the poor couch screams, "tacky" in every setting other than here, at a bike shop.  Still, in the proper context (like a wonderful bike shop) this is the most creative couch idea I've seen yet.

Let's face it-- bike seats (especially the type used for this couch) are ridiculously uncomfortable. My least favorite thing about biking is the seat. But what an amazingly creative design! This "Scarabike" company really got a creative couch designer. The seats seem retro, but at the same time remind the viewer of innovation.  It's a perfect mix.
I like it.

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