Thursday, December 17, 2009


Welcome to the Couch series.  You can find the introduction here.  
As you may at this time be sitting on your very own couch, kept warm, safe, but still able by your tiger-striped Snuggie, you may want to take a look at the following couch. 

 If you really are all cozy in your tiger-striped Snuggie, I would suggest purchasing a matching couch, complete with a TIGER HEAD, from a REAL TIGER!!!
I’m honestly unsure of what to say about this tiger-couch warp.  I sure hope PETA is unaware of its existence.  But really, apart from the whole initial shock of, “It’s a tiger! Wait… it’s a couch!” we must ask ourselves, “Who is going to buy this tiger-couch?”  Perhaps someone who is unfortunately slanted left downwards, like the couch.  Or perhaps someone who wouldn’t mind tripping over a tail each time he or she walks by.  Or maybe an amateur interior designer who discovered a giraffe-lamp, which would look just oh-so-perfect at the tail end of Mr. Tiger-Couch. When all is said and done, I really believe that anyone who spends money (this does not include college students who have a knack for finding free couches) on this tacky furniture-turned-art either is ten years old or really believes that this couch is pretty.   ... Or they're a lonely tiger.

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