Thursday, December 17, 2009

Smoke Break

To catch up on the crazy cell phone design series, read the intro here.

For anybody who does not smoke, there is now the cell-phone-cigarette-pack!! How convenient. I often complain to myself that because I do not smoke, I do not receive more than two breaks a day from work.
Now take my coworkers for example: they all smoke; they do about half as much work as i do during the day. And why is this? They smoke! And therefore, their employers are required to allow them smoke breaks when necessary. Of course smoke breaks extend to coffee breaks which extend to a breath of fresh air breaks, to the point that I have never seen Jacci work more than ten consecutive minutes.
I think this cell phone is a brilliant idea. I may even invest in one myself (or camoflage my much, much cooler phone). It looks exactly like a pack of cigarettes, and would probably fool anybody on the street. It's time for a smoke-free break.

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