Thursday, December 17, 2009

Flying Cars and UFO's

This is yet another edition of the Couch Series. If you do not know what the Couch Series is, read the introduction here.

Ok, ok… I suppose this couch is really more of a chair. But chairs and couches are pretty similar; they are both supposed to be welcoming to the bottom of humans, dogs, cats and in-laws.
I have to admit, I like furniture from the future. It brings in an edgy, cool look to a space. This specific couch-chair didn't quite make it though. The potential was there. It just didn't turn out all that appealing in the end.
While it probably was meant to be different, new, and artsy, the result is more reminiscent of "scrap metal" and "plastic rings from a 12 pack". I cannot imagine that the cold metal is comfortable, nor that the backrest actually stays in that position long. And, come to think of it, the whole couch-chair will tip right over if the person sitting shifts even a little bit!
Maybe after a few chair legs are added, the curved seat is flattened out somewhat, and the backrest is made to look like anything other than a chain of swimming floaties the couch-chair would be presentable to men who come to us from the future.

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