Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Miley Cyrus - The Climb

This is in my "Best of YouTube" series. You can find the intro here.

It is surprising to me that this video ranked second on the list, especially after viewing number one.

This video is different than most music video's I've seen.  Miley Cyrus appears to be wearing minimal makeup (if any), the audio doesn't appear to be "touched up" (there are several points where a missed note comes through.  These would be easily "fixed" in post-production.  The fact that they didn't is telling.), and the video itself is extremely simple.
The visuals are calm and collected, and the focus of the video is on her - hair down (and messy), no makeup, and in comfy (aka: "frumpy") clothes.  This is a significant departure from the "norm" of popular music videos, and even from the rest of Miley Cyrus' videos.
I like it because it simplifies the "music scene" and makes the message come through.  It is effective at minimizing distractions, and for that I give it a thumbs-up.
However, I don't like how relatively low-quality it is compared to the rest of her videos.  The camera's depth of field is too large to convey the emotion that the video needs, and the contrast is pretty flat.  With a better camera and some better filming techniques, this would have been much more presentable.

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