Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nasty Typhoon

This is in my series on Paintball guns.  You can find the introduction here.

 This is one of the most ridiculous paintball guns out there.  Called a "Nasty Typhoon", it is a Typhoon modified to fire out of two barrels simultaneously.   It, like all Semi-automatic paintball guns, fires once with every pull of the trigger.  It runs off of CO2 or HPA, and is very rare.

This marker is potentially too much for me.  The lack of a stock would make it hard to handle, and the double barrel, though it looks very cool, would most likely have an adverse effect on performance without offering that much "hit potential" in return.

The other thing to consider is the "life-like" look of this marker.  The double barrels scream "real gun" louder than most other things can.  Some other paintball markers (like the Tippman SMG60) technically look more realistic than this, but in terms of scaring people on the street, this takes the cake.  The designers should keep these considerations in mind when designing these markers, or else the sport will lose popularity and eventually become outlawed.

Some other "versions" of the Nasty Typhoon are considerably better at keeping "the public" from panicking.  For example, this next picture shows a version with blue and silver annodizing that makes it look much more like entertainment than death waiting to happen.

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