Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pop a Cap in Yo' [Posterior], Foo!

For the first weird cell phone in this series (do read the intro here), I found :

Yes. It is a cell phone GUN (specifically a Cell Phone Glock 23). Remember back to my series on paintball guns? One of the things I mentioned repeatedly as a positive or negative of each gun was how much it looked like a real, terror invoking, honest to goodness gun.
This cell phone has the same problem as several of those paintball guns. It looks like a real gun! Sure, it says Nokia, and sure, there is a keypad, but who is going to notice those tiny details when you're holding that side by your face?! I think this cell phone gun is an awesomely manly idea, but it just would not fly in the real world. It is much too realistic.

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