Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Keri Hilson - Knock You Down

This is in my "Best of YouTube" series. You can find the intro here.

Embedding was disabled by the creator of this video.  Click to watch it.

This video was a surprise for me.
After the sex-charged atmosphere of the first video, followed by the three-minute profanity exercise of the last video, I was not expecting much out of this one.  Three Hip-Hop artists collaborating on one video made me pretty pessimistic.
However, this video was a surprise.  It contained even less "physical advertisement" than the #3-ranked Miley Cyrus video, and contained only one piece of profanity (and a tame one, at that).  The story is easily followed through the whole video, and flashes of a continuing shot of Keri Hilson falling onto a bed are laced throughout the whole video.  They tie the whole thing together very nicely.  The lyrics are the story, so the video is essentially a moving narration of the story the song is weaving.  It most certainly works very well.
I like it.

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