Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bon Bons

Once again it is time to critique a poor design. This series is about "Avant Garde" hairstyles. Read the intro here.

The hairstyle of this post is not exciting.   I'll say this right off the bat.

I suppose if you're a girl you might find this exciting. Nadia seemed to think this one was interesting. In my opinion, this hairstyle is boring as all get-out.  Two asymmetrical bon-bons of hair that are probably just extensions... ooh!
Whatever. Looking at this hairdstyle makes me wonder about more than why she did her hair that way; it makes me wonder what people think is pretty. A hairdo like this is neither trying to evoke any feeling other than confusion, nor being practical or functional. I am sure that a 5 minute ponytail would have worked just as well in this "Avant Garde" fashion show of clothes that no one will ever wear.

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