Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bed Head

This is the first commentary on Avant Garde hairstyles. Backtrack to the introduction to the series by clicking HERE.

This is a hairstyle? was my first thought. I could not believe it. Somebody, somewhere, aspiring to "fashion", thought that this was pretty.
It looks like bed head to me.
The hair does have tell a story, probably not the one it was going for, but a story nonetheless. (To me it says this: "This fairy, after a long night of wild flying and nectar-drinking with her fairybffs , awoke to find herself in a strange meadow, with flowers glued into her hair, wondering how on earth she ended up there.")
As for the "fashion design" of this poor fairy's hair... there is none. To mess up a girl's hair and call it "fashionable" is not going to be fashionable. It is always going to be called "attacked by the five 9 year-old girls I was babysitting."
Avant Garde... Is fashion, or is it laziness?

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