Thursday, December 17, 2009

Couch Intro


Say the word.  Say it out loud.
It is a weird word.

My parents were recently in the process of looking for a couch.  They wanted a couch.  Not a special couch - just a pleasantly comfy, stench-free, and fairly nice-looking couch.  Being the helpful son that I am, and with quite an opinion on the décor of our house, I took it upon myself to find my favorite couches online.  Of course that did not last long (ADHD.  Good stuff).  Google Images revealed quite the spectrum of couches: weird couches, crazy couches, couches au-flambé. Upon finding that there happens to exist an infinity of hideous, poorly designed couches, I decided that such couches would be perfect candidates for critique on my wonderfully famous blog.

I do not think I will ever get past the ridiculous couches that somebody somewhere probably has in their lounge.  I doubt I'll ever understand neither the “art” behind the furniture, the functionality of the furniture, nor the people who would actually buy such couches.  If you feel offended by the following collection of blog posts because you personally own one or more of the couches, please forgive me. 
 We probably are not friends.

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