Sunday, October 11, 2009

Real Life Batman IV

This is a continuation in my Batman-costume-themed posts.  For the first Real Life Batman post, click this link, or for the second, click here, or for the third, click here.

The sequel to Batman Begins saw a change to the suit.

In The Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne asks his supplier for a new suit that will allow him to react faster and make him more agile in combat.  The new suit design reflects these design considerations in visible ways.
First of all, instead of one smooth armor "skin", the new suit is made of segmented plates.  The plates seem to have some sort of iron chain mail built in, and for the first time ever, live-action Batman can turn his head.  Exciting!  However, some complain that the end result is very busy and distracting.
I personally like the Batman Begins suit more.  It gives him a presence that just isn't there in the new suit.  The Begins suit's smoother lines add significant bulk to Christian's moderately-large frame.  The new segmented plate armor spoils the illusion by reminding the audience of the actor's true size.

Side-by-side comparison, just for fun:


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