Monday, October 12, 2009

Casadei Black Satin and Lace Platform Booties

This is in my Designer Heels series.  You can read the introduction here.

The Casadei Black Satin and Lace Platform Booties (hereafter referred to as the CBSLPB) retail for about $994.  The sides are black lace, and the toe and heel are black satin.  There is a black bow placed on the top of the foot.  It has an extreme stiletto heel.
I laughed when I saw these.  The lace is ridiculous.  Take out the lace, put in black satin all around, get rid of the platform (or at least make it shorter.  It looks like a boat right now), and maybe it would work.  As it is, they would be impossible to walk in, and the black lace reminds me of funeral attire.  Other than that, the CBSLPB's general shape (except the boat-prow) works pretty well.

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