Monday, October 12, 2009

Casadei Purple Suede Peep Toe Strappy Shoes

This is in my Designer Heels series.  You can read the introduction here.

This is the final design in my Designer Shoe series, and I left my least favorite for last.  The color is obnoxious; the straps are thin and weird; the suede is a bad fabric choice; the heel looks like a pair of leeches attached to the ends of the foot; the whole shoe is just ugly.
I tried to come up with a way to redeem this shoe.  Perhaps changing the color to red would help.

Wow.  Changing the color did a LOT for this shoe.  The only thing that still bothers me is the heel; it should be less organic and leech-y.
But excluding the heel, the red version of this shoe is actually a decent design.  It goes to show that if you make great design choices and then mess up one tiny element (color, for instance) the whole design falls apart.

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  1. holy....
    thomas? is this... is this you? your working with shoes?!!? what have you gone through since we last talked. are you into fashion now or is this just an assignment? we need to chat.