Sunday, October 11, 2009

Batman Cartoons

In a previous post, I talked about issues in Batman's comic-book designs.  In this post, I will discuss Batman's cartoon designs.  Though many assume they are the same, they are vastly different.

The evolution of Batman's designs in comic books was mainly brought about by the aging of its primary readership.  However, batman's cartoons' audience has stayed firmly in the younger age group.  As the comic readership base grew older, they stopped watching the tv shows, while the new kids began watching.  Therefore, the bright colors and humorous banter between the heroes and sidekicks stayed.

Batman cartoons have stayed essentially looking like this for years.  Batman's outfit is a darkish gray with blackish-blue highlights  Yellow utility belt.  Bold Batman logo on the chest.  Kids love it.  Adults make fun of it (especially Robins' outfit), but the target audience (kids) is happy, so it accomplishes its purpose remarkably well, and has done so for decades.

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