Saturday, October 3, 2009

Designer Pools

Most people put pools in their yards just to swim and relax. 

However, there are a few who use their pool as a piece of lawn-art as well.

This is a  fairly simple pool, designed to make the maximum artistic use of an oddly shaped space.  It accomplishes the artistic part well, though I'm not sure it would be worth swimming in.  It might make a good hot-tub.

This pool is artistic and gross.  The colors and patterns clash all over the place.  The strange bridge has a completely different pattern than the rest of the walls, and a totally different color scheme.  If they had stuck with the zig-zag scheme for the whole tiled area, the design would work better, but it still reminds me more of a kiddie-playground than anything else.  The colors are simple and unsophisticated, which hurts the overall effect.

This pool is crazy.  I like the themed area; the bridge, trees, furniture, and the grass surrounding the main pool area.  I understand that this is only a model, but if the plans are put into a real pool deck, it would make a great artistic addition, while still retaining total functionality.

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