Monday, October 12, 2009

Casadei Red Satin Pump Wedge Cut-out Shoes

This is in my Designer Heels series.  You can read the introduction here.

The Casadei Red Satin Pump Wedge Cut-outs (CRSPWC) are amazing.  They are by far the most ridiculous shoes I have ever seen.  The red satin is aggressive, as is the pointed shape of the toes.  The cut-out wedge shape is one of the most ridiculous heel designs ever (with the notable exception of these shoes).
The heel shape is what really makes it look awful.  If the heel were shorter, it would work much better, but the extreme angle of the foot only highlights the awkwardness of the shape, not the aggressive-but-elegant styling of the shoe.  The color works well: anybody wearing these shoes wants to be noticed, and the red makes them more noticeable.
The only real improvement I can make (without throwing out the heel design entirely) is to make it significantly shorter.

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