Friday, September 18, 2009

Trendy Portable Speakers

In our changing world of portable devices and smaller, faster laptops, the average user only needs a mid-line laptop as their primary (read "only") computer. However, with this increase in portability comes a decrease in other "creature comforts," such as speaker quality. For most people, the small, underpowered speakers that are standard on all laptops work just fine. But for some (like myself) who dislike the horrible tinny sound of the tiny speakers, there are some options on the market.
There are two options: stay-at-home systems that are too bulky to carry around with you all time, and super-portable speaker systems. This article will cover the portable systems.
Most plug into the computer's headphone jack and contain their own battery. They usually have a storage method that makes them self-contained and easy to pack. Some are designed around interesting or fanciful shapes. Others are just designed to be an inexpensive alternative to poor sound.

These are my favorites.  They are designed by logitech, and snap together for easy storage.  My favorite part about these speakers is the subtle pun implied by their shape.  "Apple" is the name of the company that makes Macintosh computers, and putting these apple-shaped speakers with your apple laptop might get a few chuckles.

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