Thursday, September 10, 2009

Monopol Records

Monopol is a crossover record company based in Germany. This design is their new company logo, designed by KITA | Visual Playground.

Honestly, I misunderstood this logo. The "P" in "monopol" looked more like a flash suppressor on a firearm than the 1/8" jack it is supposed to represent. The heads look like targets (They are supposed to be vinyl records). I assumed this was for a new first-person shooter or some sort of shooting video game. "Monopol" could be the name for a new totalitarian police force that is the basis for the game. The silhouettes are standing in assertive (almost aggressive) poses, which enhances the idea of violence and strife.

Until I read the blurb about the design and the elements involved, I had no idea this design was for anything other than a violent video game.

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