Friday, September 18, 2009

Speakers Mk II

The preceding post discusses portable speaker systems, but does not address any non-portable, higher-power, stay-at-home systems.
These systems are designed to be left in place at home, plugged into either a desktop or laptop.  They usually have much more powerful amplifiers, and a larger variety of speaker types and sizes.  They, too, come in different shapes and designs; some boxy and ordinary, and some organic and unique.

This is an example of the former.  It is functional, but not particularly eye-catching.  The blue lighting helps to give it a more modern feel, but the overall design is the same as every other cheap 2+1 speaker set you can buy at any Wal-Mart.

This speaker is more like it.  From a functional standpoint, it is only mediocre: it has a relatively small set of speakers, and no sub-woofer.  From a design standpoint, it is whimsical and ironic, broadcasting the sound via an honest-to-goodness speech balloon.

These really take the cake.  It is doubtful that these would outperform the speech balloon speaker, but they are significantly more outlandish.  They are reminiscent of an oddly-shaped animal of some kind, and it is unclear whether or not the "tails" serve any purpose outside of pure aesthetics.  While the design itself is a novelty, the purpose of the design is unclear.  While the speech bubble speaker makes an ironic statement, these alien-looking speakers merely add an element of weirdness to the user's desk space.

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